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A-Level Result Day Information

By Mr Stevens

A-Level Result Day Information

Dear Student,

I am writing to you to let you know what will be happening on your upcoming Results day, which is on Thursday 13th August.

As you will know, your teachers have used all of the evidence at their disposal to award you a grade, which was then sent off to the exam boards.  Exam boards are now carrying out a range of statistical tests to see whether they agree with the grades that have been awarded.  We hope that these grades remain as originally awarded by your teachers. However, the exam boards have the power to increase or decrease the grade if they believe it is necessary to do so.

Questions that you may have therefore are:

Will I get to see what grade the teachers awarded me?

Yes.  Inside of your envelope there will be a BLUE piece of paper with the grades that your teachers awarded you.  The official grades from the Exam boards will be on WHITE paper.  This will enable you to see if the teacher grades have been maintained.

Can I appeal if I feel that the grade is wrong?

No. The Department for Education and OFQUAL have stated that schools can appeal if they believe that there has been a mistake or if the school believes that changes to teachers grades were unfairly applied due to errors in exam boards calculations.  However, the Department for Education have said that there will not be any appeal process for students who disagree with the grades awarded by teachers.

Will I be able to “resit” the qualification?

Yes.  Examinations will be available in October/November for students who wish to try and improve their grade.  However, please be warned that coursework elements are removed from these grades which means it will all come down to the examination that is sat in the October/November sitting.  It would require you to revise for this subject intensively leading up to this exam and you should consider carefully the implications this would have on your workload as you start new courses next academic year.  If you feel that you require a “resit” you must e-mail Miss Walsh at for more details.

How do I collect my Exam results?

This year, A-Level results day is 13th August. School will be open for students to collect their results from 8:00 AM until 11:30AM on that day. You must stick to this time slot.

You will go to the main hall to collect your results’ envelope. Upon arrival you will be expected to use the hand sanitiser provided and adhere to the social distancing rules imposed by the Government. Upon collection of results, you will need to leave school as soon as reasonably possible. If you need to discuss anything further with any member of staff regarding results, University Applications or your next steps, you will be directed to the library in order to do this where you will again be expected to sanitise hands upon entry.

If you are expecting a GCSE grade this summer, results day for this is 20th August. You must arrive at school between 9:30 and 10:30 AM on that day in order to collect these results. If you arrive outside of these times you may not be allowed in due to the higher numbers of students that we will be dealing with on this day.  If you have any issues with attending on results day, please email as soon as possible.

I want to wish you all the best of luck for Results day but also for your future.

Yours faithfully,

Mr M Stevens
Assistant Headteacher