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COVID-19 Update – Headteacher Message

By Mrs Madden

COVID-19 Update – Headteacher Message

Headteacher’s Message

Dear parent / carer I would like to thank all families and colleagues during these difficult days. Our Catholic school community is a very special community indeed. I would like to thank all of you for your understanding and concern for others over the last few weeks-this is testament to our wonderful learners and their families. We are a community built on love, joy and faith. At this time, it is so important to draw upon love and faith in our lives.

It is vital that we follow all Government advice in relation to social distancing. I want to thank all parents and carers for abiding by the Government advice on sending children of key workers into school only as a last resort. I fully appreciate the difficulties that this presents to families. However, your proactivity of social distancing will mean that together we can reduce the spread of COVID 19. Please play your part.

I pray for all families that, during this time, they may practise, with the grace of God, a patient, calm and loving approach to each other. I pray for all of the health service workers, that they are strengthened in the difficult times that they face in the days ahead through the power of the Holy Spirit. I pray for all of my colleagues, that in their commitment and duty to those children of critical workers, they are blessed with good health and peace of mind that they are contributing to the national efforts in saving people’s lives. Finally, I pray for all those affected by COVID 19, that the risen Christ may heal both body and soul for all. Please continue to keep all affected in your prayers.

Please be assured of our prayers, and we will continue to provide any relevant updates to the school community via email, our website and Facebook updates. God bless

Mrs T Madden,