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Face Coverings

By Mr Murray

Face Coverings

Dear Parent / Carer 

I contacted you last week telling you that if there was an increase of transmission of the virus in the community, face coverings would become mandatory in communal areas. 

Following information received about an increase in positive cases for COVID 19 in the local area, I have made the decision that face coverings are recommended to be worn everywhere in the school building outside lessons, including corridors and toilet areas. This is effective immediately. As previously advised, face coverings should be washable, reusable dark coloured or disposable face coverings. Any learners who are exempt from wearing a face covering should pass on this information via email to their Pastoral leaders and learner support: 

Year 7 Mr Holland

Year 8 Miss Mountford

Year 9 Mr Stevenson

Year 10 Miss Reed

Year 11 Mrs Kearns

Year 12 and 13 Mrs Bayley 

Any learner that attempts to remove a face covering from any other learner or member of staff will be dealt with using the revised Behaviour for Learning policy. Also, for health and safety reasons, under no circumstances must any learner wear personal earphones or chew gum once in school. Again, failure to comply with this will result in confiscation of personal earphones and a consequence for chewing gum under the revised Behaviour for Learning policy. 

Thank you for your understanding and support moving into the new academic year. All staff are really looking forward to seeing all children arrive at St John Fisher Catholic College over the next week.

Yours faithfully 

Mr G Murray
Head of School