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Letter to Parents and Carers

By Mrs Madden

Letter to Parents and Carers

Dear Parent/Carer

I want to thank you and our amazing learners again for your support and prayers over what has been a difficult term in so many ways. We have enjoyed many successes through our brilliant learners’ achievements, but these sadly pale into insignificance with the developments that we see on a daily basis. However, there is so much to celebrate and to look back on with joy, and so much more to look forward to, both of which you will find in our parent newsletters on the school website. I also want to express my pride at our learners’ positive response to the situation.

With effect from 20th April, Form teachers will be phoning to keep in touch with parents on a fortnightly basis to ensure that we can respond to any issues, and to ensure that all continue to feel part of our wonderful school community at this time. If you do not want to receive a phone call, please contact us on the following email address with your child’s name and form group:

We continue to remember those who are suffering, those who are anxious and those who devote their lives to caring for the sick and we also ask for Mary’s intercession for a return to good health.

O Mary, you shine continuously on our journey as a sign of salvation and hope.
We entrust ourselves to you, Health of the Sick.
At the foot of the Cross you participated in Jesus’ pain, with steadfast faith.
You know what we need.
We are certain that you will provide, so that, as you interceded with your Son at Cana, joy and feasting might return after this time of trial.
Help us, Mother of Divine Love, to follow the Father’s will and to do what Jesus tells us:
He who took our sufferings upon Himself, and bore our sorrows to bring us, through the Cross, to the joy of the Resurrection.
We seek refuge under your protection, O Holy Mother of God.
Listen to our pleas – we who are put to the test – and deliver us from every danger. 


I want to wish you all a restful and holy Easter, and thank you for your continued support.

God bless

Mrs Madden