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Mathematics revision guidance

By Mr Bailey

Mathematics revision guidance

Topics that haven’t yet made an appearance … on PAPERS 1 OR 2 for Edexcel Summer 2018 GCSE Maths

There is a massive health warning in putting this list together … just because a topic has appeared on a paper 1 of the Edexcel 2018 it could appear in a different format on another paper. There may also be some topics that have been missed off the list (the curriculum is massive!) and the intention is to provide you with something to focus on.


Use of calculatorReverse mean
Basic trigonometryPercentage increase/decrease
Mode, median and mean from a table/list and estimate of the mean from a table
Expanding double bracketsSimple & compound interest & depreciation (Foundation only)
Solving / plotting quadraticsEnlargements (Foundation only)
Translations & rotationsBest Value
Nth term linear sequencesProbability trees (Foundation only)
Compound measuresRearranging equations
Angles interior/exterior angles of polygonsScatter graphs
Frequency polygonsCircles/Arcs & Sectors  – area
Stem & LeafFactorising double brackets
Real life graphsSimultaneous equations (both linear)
ReciprocalsStandard form
Venn diagramsSimilar shapes & Congruence
Forming & solving equationsTwo-way tables (Foundation only)
Product of prime factorsError intervals


In addition to the above … HIGHER TIER ONLY
Velocity / Time graphsArea under a curve
Turning pointsInequalities & regions
Recurring decimalsAlgebraic fractions (could be solving)
Quadratic formulaTransformations of graphs
Vectors to solve geometric problemsExpanding triple brackets
Quadratic / Geometric sequencesAdvanced trigonometry
Cumulative frequency

There are NO guarantees … but the list for paper 1 was pretty good!

Mel & Seager!

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