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Numero Student Company

By Mr Schauer

Numero Student Company

The “Numero” Student Company Maths Key Stage 3  Revision Cards and App will be presented at the World of Wedgwood Staffordshire Young Enterprise Trade Fair on Saturday 10th March.

Below are pictures providing a sneak preview of the product including screenshots from the Numero App:

Features of the product include…

  1. A set of playing cards at “Easy, Medium and Hard” difficulty levels which include Augmented Reality features for use with the Numero App.
  2. Supporting A4 size worksheets, which students can use do their working out on. The material used for these worksheets will be suitable for marker pens and can be rubbed off afterwards for re-use.
  3. The Numero Maths Revision App will shortly be available to download for free on Apple and Android devices.

The product has been produced by the St. John Fisher Student Company “Numero” in partnership with Keele University.

We would like to give special thanks to Luke Bracegirdle and the team at the Keele University School of Pharmacy, who have used “Pharma Card” as a platform in developing the Numero App for the St. John Fisher Student Company.