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HLTA – Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up

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St John Fisher Catholic College
Y7 Catch-Up Grant

The Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up Premium gives schools additional funding to support Year 7 learners who did not achieve the national standard in Reading or Mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2 (KS2 standard 100). All learners who achieved below 100 in either their Maths or Reading SATs are included in this intervention.

The school’s funding allocation for the academic year 2018/19 is £11,263. At St John Fisher Catholic College, we have used the Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium to appoint a HLSA (Higher Learning Support Assistant) who will deliver and co-ordinate the Catch-Up Programme.


  • To close the gap by providing intensive literacy and numeracy support and raise the attainment of those learners entitled to Catch-Up Premium;
  • To raise self-esteem and aspirations of learners entitled to Catch-Up Premium;
  • To enhance and support existing provision;
  • To target intervention and support to accelerate progress of learners entitled to Catch-Up premium. 

Y7 Catch Up Grant Review 2018-19 

Activity LearnersCostResourcesImpact and Outcome


Better Reading

1 to 1

10 week programme








3 hours per week HLSA

Positive attitude and increased confidence toward reading (the average reading age was increased by only 1 month so this intervention has been adapted next year)

The identification of more serious learning difficulties supported by SENSS.

Group reading

(6 week programme )

6 £2282 x 20 mins per week LSABoosted self-esteem and engagement with school life,

championed reading for pleasure.

Literacy support  whole class support

(whole year)






4 hours per week HLSA


8 hours per week LSA

Provide targeted feedback to facilitate progress.


DEAR – Drop Everything and Read



All  learnersNo cost20 mins per weekAll learners have regular access to a wide variety of books and quiet dedicated time for individual reading.
Reading LessonsAll Year 7 & 8 learnersNo costEnglish Teacher

1 hour per  fortnight (in the library)


1 hour LSA per week.

To give regular access to the library to encourage a love of reading and to support the learners in sustained reading skills.
Maths support whole class support

(whole year)

60£1710 + £2052 =£37623 hours HLSA per week


6 hours LSA per week

Individual support in class to reduce barriers to learning through targeted feedback and over teaching key principles as required.
Small group booster maths

Summer Term

(Form Time)


4£7220 mins per week


Developed   time skills for reading analogue and digital clocks and answering worded questions related to time.
H/W club

(whole year)




£570 + £1026 = £1596



1 hour HLSA

3 hours LSA


All learners have access to ICT resources to complete homework on time.


Lots of individual support but also learners can choose what tasks they want to complete which empowers the learner.


Promote independence and support organisation skills.

Provide ICT resources e.g. MyMaths.




Overall Impact


·         Learners who came in below expected level, as a group, have the highest residual compared to those above/on expected level (0.31 compared to -0.41 and 0.06 respectively)


·         In both Maths and English, progress for learners entering below expected level, continues to be positive in the Summer Term. Average progress in English was 0.15 and in Maths 0.2.


Y7 Catch-Up Grant Plan 2019-20 final budget and total costings to be confirmed 



LearnersCostResourcesImpact and Outcome
Drop Everything and ReadAll learnersNo cost20 mins per weekThe aims of the programme are to; start the day in a calm way, expand leaner’s vocabulary, improve knowledge and improve writing skills.
Reading in Form

(whole year)









Total 33






No cost for sixth form support

2 x 20 per week





Also supported by sixth form learners

Personalised 1 to 1 reading programme to

increase reading fluency and comprehension.

Better Reading

(10 week programme read on a 1 to 1 basis 3 times a week)

63 hours HLSA per weekThe programme will target weak and reluctant readers who with regular and consistent support in reading on a 1 to 1 basis will increase reading confidence and comprehension.
In class Literacy support


60 approx4 hours per week


Identification and reduction of barriers to learning.


Support the acquisition of a range of reading skills to read for meaning.

Reading LessonsAll year 7 learnersNo costEnglish Teacher

1 hour per  fortnight

(in the library)


1 hours LSA per week

To give regular access to the library, to encourage a love of reading and to support the learners in sustained reading skills.


Reading TestsYear 7 learners on a 1 to 1 programme – 33 learners approxPurchase of new reading tests to track the progress of learners.


Numeracy booster group

Termly target group – whole year)


After School Club


( 6 learners per group)

1 hour HLSAIncrease in accuracy with times tables (multiplication and division) to build on foundation maths skills.
Maths Club

Morning and Lunch Time

20HLSA = 1.5 hrs

LSA = 1.5 hrs


Morning Club = 45 minutes per week


Lunch Club = 35 minutes per week


Build on problem solving skills, logic skills and basic numeracy skills by playing a variety of maths games.
Maths Games e.g.

Rummikub, dominoes and solitaire

10To have fun with maths and to reduce barriers to learning.
H/W club

(whole year)


1 Hour  2 LSAEmpower all learners to complete homework on time and promote independence


Support organisation skills.

Provide ICT resources e.g. MyMaths.

In class Numeracy support

(Whole year)

30 approxLSA 3 hours per week


HLSA 1 hour per week

Identification of target learners.


Monitor impact of interventions and engagement.

Support of the curriculum, provide targeted feedback to ensure catch-up learners are on their flight path target for Maths