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New Students

By Mr Murray

New Students

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– Key Staff working with Year 7 September 2020

– Transition – Frequently Asked Questions

My child is nervous about moving schools – is this normal?

Yes – it is completely understandable for any child to be nervous when moving to secondary school, particularly in the current climate. We are likely to be a much larger school compared to your child’s primary school. However, on the first day, all learners receive a tour of the school and we have an experienced Y7 form-group team who will support your child. All staff and older students are keen to help the newest members of our community to settle quickly into their new surroundings.

How do you know which groups to put my child in?

We are currently in the process of liaising with Y6 teachers. They provide us with detailed information about your child, both in terms of academic ability and also key information such as friendships. Many lessons in Key Stage 3 are taught within form groups and are mixed ability.

What do I do if I have any questions?

Our school website contains a lot of information, which will answer many questions that you may have. Please pay particular attention to our Transition Guide. Please do contact the school if you have any further questions.

Will there be a transition day?

Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, we are being led by government advice. At this moment, we do not know if we there will be a specific transition day but please be assured that we still provide you and your child, the same information that they would have received under normal circumstances.

Is there any reading or work my child can do prior to starting in September?

Please use this link to view suggestions for any appropriate independent reading of age books –
Please use the below links to access useful maths work to help prepare year 6 students for secondary school: – This allows you access to lots of maths transition projects. – Free access until September 2020. Parents can sign students up.

Year 6 Science – Chemistry

Year 6 Science – Biology

Year 6 Science – Physics

Year 6 Humanities – History

Please use the below links to access some tasks to complete for Religious Education:

– Where and how to purchase uniform?


Smart Academy Uniform:

Address: Harvey House, Hassell St, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle ST5 1AR.


Smart Uniform Shop strongly advise parents to purchase uniform as early as possible. The Smart Uniform website is very easy to use. If the current social distancing measures are still in place during the back to school period, the shop are planning the following:

  1. Offering appointments.
  2. Opening the shop in accordance with Government safety guidelines.
  3. Opening longer hours to allow for any Social distancing measures still in force.
  4. Taking orders on the web.
  5. Taking orders by phone.
  6. Taking orders by email.
  7. Regularly updating their Facebook and Website.

Clive Mark School Wear Shop:

Address: 25 High St, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle ST5 1QZ.


  1. Clive Mark encourage parents to set up an online account with Clive Mark via their website. It’s a simple process to register and will make shopping online more efficient. They really do stress that this will help immensely this year and help maintain social distancing measures so stores do not come under pressure.
  2. They strongly advise that parents do not leave purchasing uniform to the last minute this year as this will be a huge challenge in the current climate.
  3. All Parents and Carers are informed that should they want to shop online; they can use the 15% off discount by applying this code NI2020. This is for new starters only.
  4. They have launched a voucher scheme with “Saving Local” enabling parents/carers to buy vouchers when they can afford to do so and help spread the cost of payment in this manner. Please see Clive Mark Website for details (
  5. They are also looking to introduce a split payment system to help parents spread the cost of payment. However, this is work in progress as the software must be compatible with their tills.
  6. Parents/carers will be able to book appointments with their online service ensuring they have a time slot attending to their particular needs. To do this please visit the Clive Mark Website.
  7. Clive Mark will extend the period where products can be exchanged up to 2 months from date of purchase.
  8. Clive Mark will re-open fully across all sales streams from the 18th June.