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Year 9 Parents Evening Mathematics Department Information

By Mr Bailey

Year 9 Parents Evening Mathematics Department Information

Sets have not yet been decided this will happen in the next two weeks

Sets 1 2 3 for GCSE will follow the EDEXCEL Higher GCSE maths course grades 9 to 4

Sets 4 5 6 7 for GCSE will follow the EDEXCEL Foundation GCSE course grades 5 to 1

A grade 4 is classed as a pass by the government for maths moving forward

Equipment needed for all maths lessons
Pen , Pencil , Ruler and a Scientific Calculator

Equipment needed for some maths lessons
Protractor and a Compass

It is the students responsibility to provide this equipment as often failing to do so hampers progress of them and other in the room as it takes away from valuable teaching time.

Revision Websites

Website we make use of in school Login fisher password reflect88 Username CTKCCStudent Password CTKCC

Revision guides and disc will be available to purchase through parentpay in the new term

Everyone tries their best . We realise that maths is not the best subject for some pupils but all we ask it that they are organised and try their best at all times making use of good manners.

If there is an issue at any time throughout the course please do not hesitate in contacting myself or the maths teacher of your child directly through email( these are available on the school website}.

I will update you throughout year 10 and year 11 when assessments are and what can be done to support along the way as home support is invaluable along with the good teaching that they will be getting.

If you decide to use a private tutor, I would ask that you do not use any of the ED EXCEL materials without checking with the school first as these could be used for assessment purposes.

One final thing from me is that six weeks is a long time not to do maths so please encourage your child to make use of websites and go over some weaker areas or just basic calculation skills.

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation

Mr. D Bailey
Head of Mathematics

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