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    Head of School Message

    Welcome to our new school website. I am delighted that you have decided to learn more about our school. This website gives you a glimpse of the varied and rich opportunities offered to our learners at St John Fisher Catholic College.

    Our mission at St John Fisher Catholic College is to know each of our learners as the unique God-given gift that they are and to nurture and inspire them to become the very best version of themselves. Our dedicated and experienced staff enjoy engaging with and challenging our learners, introducing them to new learning experiences through our rich curriculum, ensuring the needs of each child are understood and met. As a team, we strive to educate your child as a spiritual, physical, emotional and academic being, so that the children in our care grow to be confident young adults who make positive contributions to our local Church, our local community and the world around them.

    Throughout their time at St John Fisher Catholic College, we aim to ensure that all of our learners develop and enhance their sense of moral purpose and social justice, and we seize opportunities for our learners to develop these qualities. We aim to develop dynamic leaders who are rooted in the Fisher Way of inspiring others with love, faith and joy as part of an inclusive Catholic community.

    We strive for academic excellence at all times and I am especially proud of those past learners who achieve in their university and work life, and I always love to hear from past learners about such successes, of which there are so many.

    At St John Fisher Catholic College, we are blessed with a high level of success across many areas of extra-curricular life. Whether your child is interested in drama, dance, poetry, science, engineering, computing, maths, art, music or sport, our dedicated staff will support them in developing their skills and excelling in their extra-curricular activities. We are passionate about the wellbeing of our learners and explore positive ways to develop and enhance their mental health through a variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities. Please look out for some of the activities across our school community in the weekly and termly newsletters, and on our social media channels.

    The relationship that my colleagues and I develop with the parents and carers of the learners is so valuable. I recognise the role that parents play as first educators of their child and the strength that comes from working together to support and challenge your child in reaching their potential.

    It is a privilege to be part of this school community and I look forward to welcoming you to St John Fisher Catholic College and to journeying with you and your child throughout this exciting time in their life.

    Mr Garrett Murray - Head of School

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      Risk Assessment for Staff and Students in Educational Settings

      Risk Assessment For Staff and Students in Educational Settings – In line with current Government advice this risk assessment should be communicated to all employees, and relevant persons (parents / carers / social workers etc.) who may come into contact with the COVID-19 potential hazards being assessed.


      Mask Wearing

      Dear Parents / Guardians, I would like to thank you for your continued support at this challenging time with the Covid 19 Virus. It is a requirement that masks are worn in all communal areas of the school apart from in lessons. 


      Open Evening 2020

      We regret to announce that Our Open Evening 2020 for Intake September 2021 is cancelled due to the current Covid restrictions.

    • Covid symptoms at home flow chart

      Does my child have a temperature, new continuous cough or lost taste or sense of smell?
      Does any member of our household have a temperature, new continuous cough or lost taste or sense of smell?


      School Access September 2020

      Dear Parent / Carer / Learner Thank you for your continued support with the measures in place to ensure a controlled entry to the school premises in the morning. I …



      Literacy Focus Week 12

      Justyce McAllister is a bright 17 year old individual who is set for the Ivy League – but none of that matters to the police officer who wrongfully arrests him. Justyce looks for answers in the teachings of his hero Martin Luther King and in his emotive letters addressed to


      Literacy Focus Week 11

      Pip Fitz-Amobi has left detective work behind her … until she is drawn into another mystery. When Jamie Reynolds disappears the police are unconcerned. However, if they won’t look for Jamie then Pip, her boyfriend Ravi and friends will and they embark on this new case in the


      No Pens Day Wednesday

      St John Fisher Catholic College has signed up to an exciting one day event, which schools across the country are getting involved in, called No Pens Day Wednesday on 25th November 2020.


      Literacy Focus Week 10

      In this follow up to her famous vampire saga’ ‘Twilight’, Meyer tells events from Edward Cullen’s point of view. As we learn more fascinating details about his past and the complexity of his inner thoughts, we understand why meeting Bella is the defining struggle of his life.

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